Rifraffs Royale Gin

     Rifraffs Royale Gin
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Rifraffs Royale Gin

Comar Gai Rifraff (LA Shaman)
Nacacijin DSZ (Napayshni)

AHA # 676551

2016 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare

expected mature height 14.3hh
Base Coat Color Chestnut

March 15, 2019

It's a filly!!

     For her dam's first foal, Rowan is a huge success. Rowan is a shining example as to why Comar Gai Rifraff fillies are so sought after. Rowan is built very powerfully. We are pleased with her short back, muscular hind quarter, and laid back shoulder. The icing on the cake for us is her amazing legs and her out of this world head. Her head isn't over the top extreme, it is just perfect. Big eyes, tiny nose, big nostrils that are perfectly paper thin. You can see the wind kissing them as it is passing into them.  An exhilarating filly, to say the least.

     Rowan has a mix of some pretty outstanding old Arabians in her pedigree. We always strive to get as close to the old greats as possible, and Rowan is clearly a fabulous example as to why. Closer to the originals gives you a much better sample of their greatness in the flesh. A few of those greats are: Gai Parada+++/, Ferzon, *Naborr, *Bask++, *Nasr, *Dornaba++, Miss Century, Comar Bay Beau+++, *Elkin++, Kaborr+++, *Silver Drift, *Muscat, Azraff, Indraff, Raktha, Fersara, Mahroussa and much much more. Rowan was bred for as a future broodmare that would give a breeding program the huge leap it wanted in the right direction. She is exactly what we wanted and so we added her to our herd as our riding horse and as a broodmare.

                                                 Gai Parada+++/
                                   LA Shaman
                                                  Arifa Beau Azja

                    Comar Gai Rifraff
                                   Maur Kemaal
                                                  Maur Sheba

Rifraffs Royale Gin
                                                  Muscastar Son
                                                  SA Glitz

                    Nacacijin DSZ
                                                  Royale Bay
                                                  Debbani Al Hadiye

Roy, Utah USA