Royale Springnitz

     Royale Springnitz
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Royale Springnitz

Royale Sumernitz (Midsumernitzdream)
Rifraffs Royale Gin (Comar Gai Rifraff)

AHA # (Pending)

2019 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare

expected mature height 14.3hh
Base Coat Color Chestnut

     This filly was a home-run for us. We wanted to cross the beautiful Royale Sumernitz on a daughter of Comar Gai Rifraff to set in "type" in our herd, and this filly was right on the mark. Royale Springnitz (aka Calli) has a gorgeous classic type head, beautiful teacup muzzle, and big doe eyes. Calli also had quite a few of her grandparents' traits come through as well. She got Comar Gai Rifraff's big meaty hind end and perfect legs, Napayshni's short back, and Rroyalee's great shoulder. This is a remarkable filly for her dam's first foal. The dam line is strong in this filly.

     Calli has some of the best Arabians in history in her pedigree. This was a long wait for us to see this breeding into fruition, but it was well worth it. Her sire line carries the blood of some of Europe's greatest: *Carmargue, *El Shaklan, *Estopa, *Naborr, *Bask++, *An Malik, *Barich de Washoe, *Prince Zaim, and *Count Dorsaz.

     Calli's dam line carries not only some greats of Europe and the Orient, but of the United States too. A few of these outstanding horses are: Gai Parada+++/, Ferzon, *Naborr, *Bask++, *Nasr, *Dornaba++, Miss Century, Comar Bay Beau+++, *Elkin++, Kaborr+++, *Silver Drift, *Muscat, Azraff, Indraff, Raktha, Fersara, Mahroussa and much much more.

                                                 NYN Ndoto
                                                            La Sambra
                                                            *El Shaklan
                                                  CH Moniet

                                                            AZH Nabaska
                    Royale Sumernitz
                                                            Crown Royale
                                                 Royale Bay
                                                            MHR Port Baja
                                                            ASF Wizard
                                                  Debbani Al Hadiye
                                                            Maur Sheba

Royale Springnitz
                                                            Gai Parada+++/
                                                  LA Shaman
                                                            Arifa Beau Azja
                                   Comar Gai Rifraff
                                                  Maur Kemaal

                                                            Maur Sheba
                    Rifraffs Royale Gin
                                                            Muscastar Son
                                                            SA Glitz
                                   Nacacijin DSZ
                                                            Royale Bay
                                                            Debbani Al Hadiye

Roy, Utah USA