Sukkars Sher Kahn           Sold October 2018

Sukkars Sher Kahn

Allahs Sukkar Abiad (DH Dallas)
Khlassic Jazz (Kahn Del)

AHA # 678198

2016 Grey Purebred Arabian Colt
expected mature height 14.3hh
Base coat color black
Non-Agouti - aa
Heterozygous Grey - Gg

      Sukkars Sher Kahn is an elegant and correct black/grey son of the *Bask++ grandson, Allahs Sukkar Abiad. Kahn is a result of some of the oldest Polish and Spanish breeding on what is possibly the closest you can get in today's breeding industry.

     Kahn's sire, Allahs Sukkar Abiad, is by the Halter Champion & English Pleasure Reserve Champion stallion DH Dallas (a son of the immortal *Bask++, out of the *Naborr daughter and Salon Du Cheval & Western Pleasure winning mare Borrneyna). Allahs Sukkar Abiad's dam is by the *Aladdinn grandson AF Remminicinnt and out of the imported Spanish Arabian mare and Nagasaki daughter, *Sirocco Sangria.

     The Dutch National Champion, Nagasaki, is also the maternal grandsire to Magnum Psyche's dam A Fancy Miracle through her sire *Sasaki. *Sirocco Sangria is out of a granddaughter to the significant Spanish sires Barquillo and Kashmir, Bukara.

     Kahn's dam Khlassic Jazz is granddaughter of the Champion Halter stallion and Negatraz son, Sher Kahn. Negatraz is also by the great *Bask++, and is also the sire of other greats such as the International Sire of Significance Monogramm. Khlassic Jazz's dam Classic Elvira is the paternal granddaughter of the ethereal Mohssen. He himself was sired by the superb *Ansata Ibn Halima++. With Ferzon, Azraff, *Raffles and all the other outstanding Crabbet bred horses in Kahn's maternal pedigree, he is bred not only to be an amazing athlete, but produce as drop dead gorgeous as he is as well.

                                   DH Dallas

                    Allahs Sukkar Abiad
                                                 AF Remminicinnt
                                   AF Rennaisance
                                                  *Sirocco Sangria

Sukkars Sher Kahn
                                                  Sher Kahn
                                   Kahn Del
                                                  Hi S Delite

                    Khlassic Jazz
                                   Classic Elvira

Allahs Sukkar Abiad
(DH Dallas X AF Rennaisance)
Khlassic Jazz
(Kahn Del X Classic Elvira)

Rifraffs Silver Heir           Sold October 2018

Rifraffs Silver Heir

Comar Gai Rifraff (LA Shaman)
SF Khemonyx (Seattles Onyx)

AHA # 668891

2014 Grey Purebred Arabian Gelding

     Rifraffs Silver Heir "Chex" is a powerful and elegant silver grey Arabian stallion. He has the exquisite legs and solid working mind of his beautiful sire. Chex also inherited his dam's athletic ability, short back, and great motion. He is going to be an excellent cow horse and mountain horse when he matures. When we breed for foals at Double Starz Ranch, not only is a very correct conformation our most important goal, so is a good mind. Chex has these traits in spades. He has a very personable temperament, so laid back and easy going. We are certain that coupling his attitude with his superb conformation, he is destined to be a magnificent mount.
     Chex's sire, Comar Gai Rifraff, was a carefully planned out breeding for a good mountain and cow horse, as well as an excellent breeding individual. In his limited show career, he placed 2nd in the 2 classes that he was entered in. We were told by the judges that if he would have only had more fire, he would have placed higher. We took that as a HUGE compliment. Comar Gai Rifraff's sire, LA Shaman, has many ribbons in numerous disciplines, owed to his stellar Gainey pedigree. With LA Shaman's star packed lineage consisting of the great Gai Parada+++/, Comar Bay Beau+++, Ferzon, and Azraff, we knew the genes were locked in for great Gainey type, athleticism, and an outstanding mind. Comar Gai Rifraff's dam, Maur Kemaal, is a rare Blue Star, Asil, Al Khamsa Arabian mare with some of the best desert horses you can get up close. She is as close to the original Bedouin tent Arabian that we could possibly get. This mare has an unbelievable mind. Riding in the desert chasing coyotes, walking past rattle snakes, and encountering a herd of wild mustangs, she never wavered. Maur Kemaal has started her own athletic career competing in Endurance and Dressage.
     Chex's dam, SF Khemonyx, also has a performance packed pedigree. Her sire, Seattles Onyx, has numerous wins in the show ring both under saddle and in halter. SF Khemonyx has other greats in her lines to contribute to Chex's ability to perform. Just a few of them are Le Dez++, *Bask++, Khemosabi++++//, Fadjur, Sey Cherie++, *Serafix, Indraff, Abu Farwa, and many many more. SF Khemonyx has had several foals for us, and each one has a very people loving and people pleasing attitude.

                                                 Gai Parada+++/
                                   LA Shaman
                                                  Arifa Beau Azja

                    Comar Gai Rifraff
                                   Maur Kemaal
                                                  Maur Sheba

Rifraffs Silver Heir
                                                  Le Dez++
                                   Seattles Onyx

                    SF Khemonyx
                                                  LA Baskfire
                                   Bint Fadrifa
                                                  SS Fadrifa

Comar Gai Rifraff
(LA Shaman X Maur Kemaal)
SF Khemonyx
(Seattles Onyx X Bint Fadrifa)
Roy, Utah USA