Sukkars BaskFire II-Ps

     Sukkars BaskFire II-Ps
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Sukkars BaskFire II-Ps

Allahs Sukkar Abiad (DH Dallas)
SF Khemonyx (Seattles Onyx)

AHA # 681199

2017 Grey Purebred Arabian Stallion

expected mature height 15.1hh
Base coat color chestnut
Heterozygous Grey - Gg
Non Black - ee
Non Agouti - aa

CA - N/N clear
SCID - N/N clear
LFS - N/N clear
OAAM1 - N/N clear

Introductory Stud Fee for 2021: $800

Booking Fee: $200 (non refundable)
Live cover Mare care: $15 a day

     Sukkars BaskFire II-Ps (aka Zeus) is a strong and eye catching chestnut/grey colt. Zeus was bred to be an athlete with a laid back shoulder, short back, and strong hind quarter. He has the amazing old world original Arabian temperament as well. He is also bred for predictability in the breeding barn and will stamp out athlete after athlete. Zeus is son of the *Bask++ grandson, Allahs Sukkar Abiad. He is a result of some of the oldest Polish and Spanish breeding on what is possibly the closest you can get in today's breeding industry.

     Zeus's sire, Allahs Sukkar Abiad, is by the Halter Champion & English Pleasure Reserve Champion stallion DH Dallas (a son of the immortal *Bask++, out of the *Naborr daughter and Salon Du Cheval & Western Pleasure winning mare Borrneyna). Allahs Sukkar Abiad's dam is by the *Aladdinn grandson AF Remminicinnt and out of the imported Spanish Arabian mare and Nagasaki daughter, *Sirocco Sangria.

     The Dutch National Champion, Nagasaki, is also the maternal grandsire to Magnum Psyche's dam A Fancy Miracle through her sire *Sasaki. *Sirocco Sangria is out of a granddaughter to the significant Spanish sires Barquillo and Kashmir, Bukara.

     Zeus's dam SF Khemonyx is by the winning black stallion Seattles Onyx. His sire Le Dez++ is a full brother to The Chief Justice++/. Seattles Onyx also goes to Khemosabi++++// (whom needs no introduction), where Zeus gets his loud white markings from. SF Khemonyx's dam line goes to the great Comet, Fadjur, and Hallany Mistanny as well. 

                                   DH Dallas

                    Allahs Sukkar Abiad
                                                 AF Remminicinnt
                                                            HFS Cinnamon Bay
                                   AF Rennaisance
                                                  *Sirocco Sangria

Sukkars BaskFire II-Ps
                                                  Le Dez++
                                                            Sey Cherie++
                                   Seattles Onyx

                                                            Mint Lanes Khelala
                    SF Khemonyx
                                                  LA Baskfire
                                   Bint Fadrifa
                                                  SS Fadrifa
                                                            SS Shallana

Roy, Utah USA